Words have power…

Find Us on Facebook“Words have power.” How often have you heard that expression? Wordifference was born from my imagination, after I published the book “Positive Matters: Words, Quotations, and Stories to Heal and Inspire.” In my case, words of a positive nature had the power to help me recover from severe depression.

Positive Matters, with "Positive Pulls"

We all have that voice in our head, the chatterbox that only we can hear, what some have termed our conscience, internal judge, or inner critic.  What we often forget is that the words used by this voice become a set of instructions for our subconscious state.  When we use words of a negative nature, or words that are judgmental, blaming, or defeatist, we set the stage for behaving that way in our daily lives.

When we choose instead to focus on positive, hopeful words, we can begin to live in a different way.  This happened to me even before my hospitalization for depression, when in 2008 I chose the words blame, judge, and forgive to punctuate the daily challenges I faced as the life I had built disintegrated.  I actively chose to not blame or judge others (and myself!) every single day, and to try to apply forgiveness as best I could.  I began to notice a difference in the way I looked at things, and at others!  Wordifference is the term I devised to represent this practice.

By exploring words in a very deep way while using the secrets contained in their origin (etymology), you can change the way you see the world – the way you lead your life, raise your children, treat your loved ones, do your job, follow your dreams.  Get started here by using my book and the companion sticks, “Positive Pulls, to guide your way.  Check out the insights I’ve discovered on my blog, and choose your own words to spark the difference in your thinking, speaking, and living.  Enjoy the experience!  And be sure to pass it on to others.